About Us

The Allahabadi Restaurant

Missing the authenticity in your meal?
Don’t worry!

The Allahabadi has arrived to reckon the touch of the last leaf- AUTHENTIC in your boring meals. With an exotic Indian and international menu, your taste buds will tour the world at this vibrant and friendly multi-cuisine restaurant in Indore. To satisfy your taste buds, we offer range of cuisines comprising Non-vegetarian, Sea Food, North India, South Indian, Italian and so on. We promised to deliver authentic, premium and synonymous taste across the world and we kept up to our words. And we take PRIDE to say, that in a short span of 2 years, we gained a lot of love from the food loving INDORI'S!

Offering cozy fine-dine and maintaining the taste of the origins of the dishes, ALIVE is our forte which makes us one of the top restaurant in Indore. Our doors are open wide to welcome all the foodie lovers because we know that sometimes the Stomach is not just bored but actually HUNGRY!

And your continued love and support left us no option but to give back something to our CUSTOMERS. So let’s pave the way for our offer “CUSTOMER OF THE DAY”.

Dine to Win 50% Off on Minimum Bill of Rs.1000

Steps to Win

  • Upload Your ALLAHABADI Dine-in Selfie to the Instagram
  • Tag The Allahabadi @theallahabadiindore with your selfie
  • Stay Connected on Instagram
  • The Winner Will Be Announced on Instagram on Wednesday
  • The Amount Will Be Credited to the Allahabadi Wallet

T&C applied

Please reserve your tables in advance because we want to serve all of our foodies and don't want to leave anyone out!